Preparations for an Expression of Interest
to the National Science Foundation
for R&D toward a Design Study
for a Neutrino Factory

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Physics Opportunities with Muon Beams: Neutrino Factories and Muon Colliders, presented to the NSF "Prospective MRE" Panel by K. McDonald (2MB, Nov. 29, 1999).
Expression of Interest for R&D towards a Neutrino Factory Based On a Muon Storage Ring and a Muon Collider (1.9MB, 51 pages, Nov. 6, 1999; the document as submitted).
Title page, Executive Summary, and author list (4 pages).

The opportunity to participate in the Major Research Equipment program of the NSF.

Charge to the NSF Panel on MRE Possibilities.

Bibliography of Physics Opportunities at a Neutrino Factory.

Besides preparing for possible participation in the MRE program, we can also apply as a group or as individual institutions to The NSF Major Research Instrumentation program, award = $100k-$2M during 1 year, proposal due Jan. 18, 2000; MRI web page. "The more proposals received, the more will be funded", --J. Dehmer, NSF Physics Division.


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Schedule of Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider workshops.

NuFact'99, Lyon, France, 5-9 July 1999.

Physics Opportunities at a Neutrino Factory.

Muon Collider Status Report, Jan. 1999.

Physics Opportunities at a Muon Collider.

The Muon Collider in the News.

Muon Collider Notes.

Targetry Page.

BNL Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider Home Page

Fermilab Muon Collider Home Page

CERN Muon Collider Home Page

Muon Storage Rings at CERN

Muon Collider Cooling R&D Project

Indiana muon collider page.

Rick Fernow's Muon Collider page

Juan Gallardo's Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider page

Colin Johnson's Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider page

Bruce King's Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider page

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Nikolai Mokhov's Muon Collider page, MARS page, Related papers.

Jim Norem's Muon Collider page

Bob Palmer's Neutrino Factory/Muon Collider page

Eric Prebys' Muon Collider page

Bob Weggel's Targetry page

KTM's archives: Earl, epsfiles, Gallardo, Geer, Johnson, King, Kirk, Mokhov, Palmer, Prebys, Silvestrov, Status, Weggel,

Survey of low-energy muon beams from pi decay

MECO, Proposal for an experiment to study muon-electron conversion.

COSY, a symplectic beam-transport code by Martin Berz.

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