VA1 Chips

IDEAS is the company in Oslo, Norway that provides the VA1 chips.

Original 1.2 um VA1 Chip

Radiation Tolerant Versions of the VA1

  • VA1 documentation on the 0.35 um version of the VA1 from IDEAS.

  • "A Radiation Tolerant Version of the VA1," [ppt] [pdf]
    Front Electronics 2000 Conference; Perugia, Italy; May 16, 2000.

Single Event Upset Effects


  • Test data on shaping time from IDEAS (last update Jan. 6, 2002). VADAQ plots of raw pulse shapes (Jan. 4, 2002). Note: the VADAQ timescale may not be properly calibrated. This will be checked later.

  • Initial specification from Belle.

  • Preliminary documentation on the VA1TA from IDEAS.

  • Test report (V5) (3.5 MB pdf) from IDEAS (last update July 25, 2001).

  • Test results from U. Tokyo (Nakadaira, Oct. 18, 2001)

The VADAQ System

(Documents from IDEAS).
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