Belle SVD Trigger Page

SVD 2.0

  • Notes on SVD 2.0 readout order by William Trischuk, April 2002.
  • Talk on Level 1.5 trigger status and cable numbering. Presented by William Trischuk at KEK SVD 2.0 readout meeting, September 28, 2001.
  • Talk on Level 1.5 trigger status. Presented by William Trischuk in Video Meeting August 23, 2001 (JST).
  • Level 1.5 Trigger Board Specification from Eric Prebys.
  • Plots from Sven Vahsen and Ray Yang's first complete version of the L1.5 trigger simulator. The simulation uses single tracks generated and propagated using the latest 4-layer GSIM geometry from Hara san. The results are still very preliminary and lots of checks and improvements remain to be done, but these initial results show that things are basically working.
    • Histograms showing numbers of generated and detected tracks.
    • Trigger efficiency as a function of azimuthal angle, z-vertex position, polar angle, and momentum. As noted the results are preliminary and new and we don't yet understand the falloff in efficiency for tracks with momentum less than 2 GeV/c.
  • Conceptual description
  • Talk give at June 2001 meeting in Vienna.
  • Proposed structure web page from Eric Prebys and Ray Yang.

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