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Tentative agenda from Haba san.


Accommodations and Travel

  • All guests have been booked into the Palmer House which is the University's guest house for distinguished visitors. The Palmer House is located on the corner of Nassau Street and Bayard Lane, just across the street from the northwest corner of the campus.

  • The best way to get to Princeton from Newark airport is to take the NJ Transit (NJT) train. Most NJT trains stop at a station that is connected to the airport by something called the AirTrain, which is a monorail system that connects the Newark terminals to each other, to the parking lot, and to the main rail line.

    When you get to Newark airport, find the AirTrain station (it is upstairs in the terminals) and take the monorail to the main train station. There you should buy a ticket to Princeton. (Note: there are two stations with "Princeton" in their names. One is Princeton Junction and the other is Princeton, usually called the "Dinky" station. To get to Princeton, take the NJT train to Princeton Junction and then transfer to the small shuttle train that will take you into Princeton.

    The Palmer House is a short walk (~500 m) from the Dinky station.

    JFK: If you fly to JFK instead, the best approach is to take a taxi to Penn Station in Manhattan (flat rate cab fare of about $40) and then board the NJT train to Princeton, as above. You want the NJT Northeast Corridor line. If you are fearless, patient, and frugal, you can take the subway from JFK to Penn Station for $1.50. The subway station is a 15 minute bus ride from the airport (only in America!). The bus, which is free, is the same one that runs to the long term parking lot.

    If you plan on arriving to Philadelphia airport, please let me know and I will provide directions.

  • Princeton Travel Information.
  • Campus map.
  • Detailed map showing train station, the Palmer House, and Jadwin Hall, the physics building.

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